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Mesh with steps

I am in awe of the mesh image on the homepage. Will really be possible to achieve it with the 2.5d Toolkit? When? Have you used planes to get different levels? I don't understand how the back of the mesh can be created in GameView. It's amazing!

Hi Michael, thank you.

No, the asset is evolving making it easier to work with. No planes, everything will be handled directly by the 2.5d Toolkit. I'll let you know about the new features, but it's possible we'll change something along the way.

Through the tools of the asset it will be possible to vary the level of the floor thus obtaining different floors on different levels.

The floors may be connected by a sloping area. The sloping area can be left as it is or transformed into a stair, with the possibility of choosing the number of steps.

To get the back of the mesh you will be able to rotate the camera in GameView and continue drawing areas in the new view.

This will be the final target, but we will probably release some versions after each new implementation.


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Great! I can't wait

me too  😉