2.5D Toolkit allows you to easily and quickly create and manage 2.5D environments for your games (it can even be used just to create meshes of any shape and complexity).

Use 2D backgrounds with sprites and 3D objects to create adventures like The Longest Journey, Broken Sword, Syberia and other great games.

Draw your navigation areas without the slightest effort by switching from Game View to Scene View and vice versa according to your needs. Draw as many areas (walkable and non-walkable) as you want. Bake your navmesh or create and save a mesh from it.

Place 2D and 3D objects in Game View exactly where you want them to be. Move, scale and rotate them thus easily obtaining environment you want to build. Build your scene just how you want others to see it.

What You See is What You Get.

You can work in Scene View and manage everything yourself or use the powerful tools provided by 2.5D Toolkit.

You can create multilevel environments by assembling planes in Scene View, draw your areas and create a mesh from them.

Both perspective and orthographic cameras are supported.

2.5D Toolkit is able to calculate the right camera size or distance so that your sprites will not need to be resized making your work even easier.

Once completed, the environment can be moved anywhere in 3d space on the X and Y axes.

You may export in a file all objects data to create a new project from scratch.

If you encounter problems while developing an environment and you don’t know how to proceed contact us.

The 2.5d Toolkit and any part of it does not need to be integrated into game development.

Author: vbgamestudio