Mesh tab

From this tab you can create the mesh of your area(s).

You will find the created area in the GameObject VBAreaTK, child of VB25dTK in the Hierarchy. You can drag the VBAreaTK GameObject into the Area field to obtain a mesh that includes all the drawn areas or single areas to obtain distinct meshes.

If, after having created it, you want to go back to managing the mesh, you have to drag it to the Mesh field.

Bake and Clear perform the same function as the same Unity Navigation buttons.

Double-sided: set the mesh as double sided.

Reverse: each click sets the mesh to one side or the other.

Save mesh: save the mesh in the 2.5d Toolkit/25dTKTools/Scene data/[scene name]/Mesh folder.

Don’t destroy on save: when the mesh is saved it is deleted from the scene. Select this item if you want it to remain available.

Author: vbgamestudio