Navigation tab

From this tab you can build your areas.

You can change the colors related to drawing areas.

Bake and Clear perform the same function as the same Unity Navigation buttons. Note: This function cannot be performed by Unity Navigation.

Draw in Scene View: Allows you to select areas / edit them directly in Scene View. When this item is enabled you cannot work in Game View. Also keep in mind that with this feature enabled you will not be able to move the scene in Scene View. Target your area of interest first.

New Walkable area: create a new walkable area. You will not be able to switch tabs until it has been closed. However, you can delete it while it is still incomplete.

When a Walkable area is selected (if it isn’t, double click on an edge of it) the New NotWalkable area button will be enabled. This area will be a child of the selected walkable area. You can have multiple walkable areas with their respective non-walkable areas in the scene.

Use small spot: display vertex icons very small. Useful when using the Simple Mesh work type.

Hide spots: hide / show vertex icons.

Spot radius: Configure the vertex to react closer/farther on hover.

Same as Spot radius but on area edges.

Keep line straight  allows you to draw straight lines in either or both horizontal and vertical directions. Line offset defines how far the mouse must be from the line to bypass this behavior.

Reverse area reverses the position of the vertices of the selected area.

Delete areas deletes all areas in one go.

Save area data stores the camera values. You can use it to secure a certain configuration if you want to try and change it. Load area data loads the last saved configuration. These functions are especially useful when editing the scene in Play Mode. To make it effective in Edit Mode you will need to reload it.

Author: vbgamestudio