Use Planes in Scene View

  • You can create very complex environments by assembling planes in Scene View (see Multi-level environment chapter).
    By enabling it you will be able to draw your areas on different levels represented by planes. Keep in mind that many features of the 2.5d Toolkit will not be available. Objects will need to be placed directly in Scene View.

View environment from top

  • Set the top view in Scene View to be able to have a complete view of your scene. With Scene camera distance you can zoom in / out.

Meter settings (only with [Tab Scene] selected

  • Show / Hide the length of the area edge.

Show meter values

  • Show / Hide all the measures set.

Hide lines

  • Show / Hide Gizmos lines.

Hide areas

  • Show / Hide drawn areas.

Hide mesh

  • Show / Hide the mesh created by areas.

These options are useful, eg, when placing sprites or in Play Mode to have a clean view of the scene.

Note: depending on the chosen configuration, some options may not be available.

Author: vbgamestudio