Rebuilding scene outside 2.5d Toolkit

For this work we will use Demo multi-level Perspective.

After completing and testing the scene with 2.5d Toolkit we will see the steps to follow to rebuild the environment for your game.

First of all let’s create and save the mesh.

So, let’s make a duplicate of all the objects used in it. Also make a duplicate of Shading folder in 2.5d Toolkit and the mesh in 2.5d Toolkit/Resources/[scenename].

Let’s create a new folder in Assets and move everything into it. Export the data file to this folder. Finally, drag the VBBgCameraTK (which you find as a child of 2.5dTK) into this folder.

Create a new project and copy this folder into the Assets folder.

Set Game View with aspect ratio equal to the size of the background image. In our case 4200:2800.

Create a new layer named VBBackground.

Now drag VBBgCameraTK, the mesh and the three sprites into the Hierarchy. 

Check that the background camera has the layer set to VBBackground.

Referring to the data file sets the Main Camera. In Culling Mask you have to remove VBBackground.

Select VBRawImage and drag the background image into the Texture field

Now you can set position, rotation and scale of the sprites as in the data file.

Finally select the mesh in the Hierarchy and drag MatteShadow to Element 0 of Material and CustomTransparentShadowCollectorVal to Shader.

The mesh will become transparent. You can use a script for character movement or Unity navigation by baking the mesh.

If you want to use our character movement script you will need to modify it to suit your needs.

Author: vbgamestudio