Scene tab

Depending on the initial configuration chosen, this tab could change.

You can hide the floor or change its color.

Show frustum: show/hide camera frustum in Scene View.

Switch off: turn off / on the camera.

If you are working in perspective projection you will find the item Keep FOV and camera distance in sync. it is advisable to leave it activated. It maintains the correct relationship between the FOV and the camera distance when you change either.

You can move and rotate the camera as needed. Rotation and changing the FOV cannot be typed directly into the fields but you must use the controls. In orthographic projection the size is fixed.

If you have the character in scene you will find some configuration parameters (depending if you use perspective or orthographic projection).
Step length: assign the length of one step of your character.
Meters: use this field if you can guess a certain distance in meters (when you don’t use the meter function). The Numbers of steps item will tell you how many steps the character needs to take to walk the indicated distance.

You can move, rotate and scale your character. By setting Scale accuracy you will have more control over this value. If it is activated you will not be able to type directly into the scale fields.

The Character-related settings item is enabled only in Play Mode. Set its values by testing the movement of the character and then click on Save scene data before exiting. In Edit mode click Load scene data. You will need to use these buttons even if you make changes to the camera in Play Mode otherwise the changes will not be saved.

Author: vbgamestudio