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Lovers of adventure games

They are our favorites. We like to play with it, we like to create it. During our work, we realized that we spent a lot of time preparing the environments for 2.5D worlds. Building the navigation mesh with third-party software cost much effort and often needed to start from scratch because the game required changes in the background. Placing objects in 3D space also took away a lot of time that we could use instead in the most important stages of game development. We had to speed up these phases of the process and we designed the 2.5D Toolkit for Unity.

2.5D Toolkit for Unity by VB Game Studio
2.5D Toolkit for Unity by VB Game Studio


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2.5D Toolkit for Unity by VB Game Studio

Need our help?

We build your environments if you don't have the time to do them yourself.
Send us your background images and we'll give you the sprites you want from it, the navmesh and the ready-to-use scenes for your game.
Furthermore, if you purchased 2.5D Toolkit, you'll get a discount of 30% on all our price list.

2.5D Toolkit for Unity by VB Game Studio

Want new features?

2.5D Toolkit is an indispensable tool for building 2.5D games and we are constantly striving to make it better. Your advices are essential for its development.
Write us if you have any suggestions for improving 2.5D Toolkit.

2.5D Toolkit for Unity by VB Game Studio


2.5D Toolkit is very easy to use and will help you significantly reduce the time required to prepare game environments.
If you have any trouble, need clarification or want to report issues do not hesitate to contact us.

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Known bugs and fixes (2)

Fixed in v2.02.

"EndLayoutGroup: BeginLayoutGroup must be called first".

This report does not affect use of 2.5D Toolkit.

Char Control Script:

Field Play mode walk missing.
Just set character speed in edit mode.

It will be fixed in version 2.03


Changes in the version 2.03

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Improved Meter.
Values will update according to the changes you will make to camera and floor without the need to measure after each modification.
Added [tab Objects] "Auto position".
To be used with sprites of the same size as the background image. This mode allows to place sprites in seconds with just a click.
Fixed minor issues.
Updated manual.